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February 24 2020

Digitalizing Retail Industry with Cloud-Based POS Software

With the rapid advancements in technology, in-store retailers are planning to cater fast-paced shoppers who are not looking to waste their time standing in a queue for ten minutes on a transaction that will hardly take one minute to complete. The faster-checkout approach to sales seeks to provide the customer...

February 21 2020

5 Tips to Boost Sales Using Computer Repair POS Software

If you’re reading this, we can safely assume that are you’re looking to increase sales using your computer repair POS software. There can be two things in this scenario; you’re either experiencing a sales slump or things are going really great with sales and you want it to last longer…

February 19 2020

Repair Store POS Software Must Have Automated Email Notifications

Automated Email Notifications are necessary for any repair store owner buying a POS Software to streamline workflow and keep customers engaged…

February 18 2020

Good POS Software Help Repair Stores Grow

POS systems help improve customer relations and provide new avenues for customer satisfaction. If you are running a repair store, an efficient POS System is one tool that you repair store desperately needs…

February 12 2020

Time to Focus on Customer Retention Strategies to Bring in More Profit!

A business name is known more by its customers than by its employees! Customer acquisition can sometimes be the glittery new gem but customer retention mark…

January 16 2020

Why Your Repair Store Needs SMS Messaging?

SMS messaging is a necessity for repair stores of all sizes, keep your customers updated and informed at all times, there is no way better than SMS messaging…

January 15 2020

RepairDesk Payments: Click, Swipe, Done!

When you are running a repair store, selecting a good payment solution becomes your top priority. This is because there are many hidden charges involved with some payment merchants…

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