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September 29 2014

Network Security Cameras

Advanced Network Security cameras for outdoor and indoor environments. The camera offers an entry-level surveillance solution with all the essential features and excellent image quality.   
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GeoVision PC Based DVR Recorder

GV PC based NVR System

Geovision is a brand that has been on the CCTV market for years.  They produce a hard ware video recording card and video recording software for CCTV surveillance.  Geovision, often times seen as GV, also has a vast selection of IP/Megapixel cameras that work wonderfully with their systems and are Onvif compliant.  By being Onvif compliant you would be able to take other Onvif compliant cameras and DVR and use them interchangeably with each other’s systems and cameras. Read More...
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August 26 2014

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June 01 2014

pulley logic gates
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December 20 2013

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November 10 2013

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LaserOrigami: laser-cutting 3d objects
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August 19 2013

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my first PC had a 2,1 GB HDD
3530GB currently in use on my box....
time does fly :3
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August 15 2013

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August 09 2013

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August 08 2013

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Wie ein Sicherheitsschloss funktioniert
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Sunnyside up - literally
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secrets of the universe

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Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Zaandam, The Netherlands
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July 29 2013

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