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July 26 2019

The world's worst video card? | Ben Eater

video where he builds a (kinda) graphics cards out of simple digital elements. i'm not really a hardware person and i found it fascinating. in part 2 it even produces a picture. :D

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September 12 2018

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August 19 2018

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June 30 2018

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March 22 2018

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February 20 2018

November 28 2017

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October 31 2017

Home Automation Market Analysis, Strategies, Trends and Forecasts to 2024

The global Home Automation Market is expected to reach USD 39.88 billion by 2024, driven by rising necessity of consumers for protection against fire and break-ins. Availability of automated systems that can be operated over high-speed Wi-Fi, powerful smart phone ubiquitous, and growing popularity of Internet-connectable gadgets is expected to drive market growth. Moreover, reduced energy consumption and availability of a broad range of products is anticipated to boost the home automation market.

North America was the largest market accounting for 35.7% of the share in 2016, owing to the adoption of the technology and availability of affordable solutions is expected to augment market growth. Europe is expected to witness sluggish growth over the forecast period on account of market saturation. Factors such as awareness towards security & safety of property, particularly in countries such as Germany, UK and France, is expected to drive the market over the forecast period. Asia Pacific, Central & South America, and the Middle East are expected to lead the global home automation market in the next few years.

Browse Details of Report @ https://www.hexaresearch.com/research-report/home-automation-market 

Wireless systems were extensively used and are expected to witness a growth at an 11.7% CAGR on account of shift of consumers to a hands-free method of operation. Computing network is anticipated to achieve substantial growth in future owing to the availability of wearable computing devices and high-speed internet connectivity. 

Safety & security was the largest contributor and is expected to witness the fastest growth on account of advancement of technology such as biometric enabled lock system, camera feeds, and alarm systems which prevent theft and burglary. Mainstream automation systems are expected to witness significant growth in upcoming years on account of its ability to integrate all smart electronic appliances to form one intelligent system which can be accessible by the user. 

Custom automation systems are anticipated to grow on account of its ability to provide features which suit the personal requirement of the customer. Moreover, these systems are available over a broad price range, thus, providing a consumer with the option of picking and choosing functions that suit their homes. 

Hexa Research has segmented the global home automation market based on technology, application, type and region: 

Segmentation by networking technology, 2014 - 2024 (USD Million)

• Wired systems

• Power-line systems

• Computing networks

• Wireless systems 

Segmentation by application, 2014 - 2024 (USD Million)

• Lighting

• Safety & security


• Entertainment

• Energy management

• Others 

Segmentation by type, 2014 - 2024 (USD Million)

• Custom Automation

• Mainstream Automation System

• Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

• Managed Home Automation 

Segmentation by region, 2014 - 2024 (USD Million)

• North America

    • U.S.

• Europe

    • Germany

    • UK

• Asia Pacific

    • China

• Central & South America

    • Brazil

• MEA 

Key players analyzed

• Siemens AG


• Honeywell

• Crestron Electronics, Inc.

• Schneider Electric

• Johnson Controls, Inc.

• Control4 Corporation

• Ingersoll-Rand PLC

• Legrand

• Leviton Manufacturing Company, Inc. 

Browse Related Category Market Reports @ https://www.hexaresearch.com/research-category/technology-industry  

About Us:
Hexa Research is a market research and consulting organization, offering industry reports, custom research and consulting services to a host of key industries across the globe. We offer comprehensive business intelligence in the form of industry reports which help our clients obtain clarity about their business environment and enable them to undertake strategic growth initiatives.

Contact Us:
Ryan Shaw
Hexa Research
Felton Office Plaza
6265 Highway 9
Felton, California 95018
United States
Phone: +1-800-489-3075
Email: sales@hexaresearch.com
Website - https://www.hexaresearch.com

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October 09 2017

September 23 2017

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May 29 2015

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March 23 2015

Quick Books Hosting generally involves two parties; one is the Quick Books users like CPA and Bookkeepers and second is hosting companies. At the nascent stage Quick books online was giving an answer to those users who needed to gain access to it from different places especially when travelling. But Quick books online does not provide all the features that a desktop version provides. Quick Books Hosting was also not popular at the beginning. But with the advent of cloud computing and its rising popularity the users started to consider Quick Books Hosting in collaboration with technology providers. In today's date, it would be hard to find any person who is not aware of Quick Books Hosting procedures. Most of the Quick Books users are opting for Quick Books Hosting services due to its safe and easy accessibility. But before opting for Quick books hosting, it is very important that the users must choose a quality hosting provider and keep few things in mind. Some of the important things to be noted before choosing a QuickBooks hosting service provider is-

1. Company credentials Hosting QuickBooks requires knowledge and experience. So before choosing a hosting service provider, you carefully select the more experienced one, who is there in the business for 2- 3 years.

2. Where the Server is located:Since this is your information, it might be better to keep your information in your nation. There ought to be a strong confirmation to show that information is, no doubt hosted in USA or Canada.

4. Feedback from the customers:It is always better and wise to take information about the hosting company from it its existing customers. You can ask them about their experiences with the company and also ask them about the quality of service that the company provides.

After you select the best hosting company, you are ready to enjoy numerous benefits of Quick Books hosting. Some of the benefits of Quick Books Hosting are-

1. Reducing the cost of maintaining IT infrastructure: Quick Books Hosting reduces the cost of setting up IT infrastructure in your office. As QuickBooks hosting providers offer all the services ranging from maintenance, security and backups. Hosing a hosting company is always cheaper than setting up QuickBooks hosting on your own. Because setting up QuickBooks hosting incurs huge expenses.

2. Access to multiple users:Assume you have to gain access to your record from a customer PC, or your customer need to gain access to the same index or your subordinate need to do the accounting from his home, there are processes  that requires Quick books software  and information to be accessible constantly. Sometimes need may arise that multiple users have to access the same document at the same time. And all this is possible only with Quick Books hosting.

3. Better reach to different indexes and provision:  If you host other applications like Microsoft office, ATX, Drake, QuickBooks on the same server. You will able to create a excel file, make a PDF file with your logo on the QuickBooks invoice.

March 13 2015

Cheating Evolution: The Role Of High-Tech Gadgets In The Educators Vs Students Plagiarism War

The evolution in high school cheating is similar to the evolution of life on the Earth. With high-tech development, high-tech cheating appeared. Learn what gadgets students use now to cheat and what educators can do to stop it from happening.

January 01 2015

Images Of An Underground Park In New York City

var imagebase='file://D:/Program Files (x86)/FeedReader/'; Images Of An Underground Park In New York City 15:36 30.12.2014, Maxx, amazing, World Of Technology New York is known for it’s super tall buildings, busy life, and incredible parks. But What New York City is going to do next is absolutely incredible. It has immediately jumped to the top of my list of places to visit once it is finally complete.
It all started with an old train station. This train station is 116 years old.

The area, with ceilings 20 feet (6.1 m) high, extends three blocks east from Essex Street to Clinton Street and was used until 1948 as a station and balloon loop for streetcars crossing the Williamsburg Bridge to and from Brooklyn.

Natural light will be directed below ground using fiber optics—called “remote skylights” to provide an area in which trees and grass will be grown beneath the city street

The idea is to create the first, living, underground park.

This is how it is designed to work.

Although the majority of the lighting would be coming from above ground, there would be artificial lighting at night and when the sun is obscured by clouds.

This amazing and unique project has been endorsed by politicians and local organizations across the city.

If everything goes according to plan, the new park will be open for the public in 2018.

And the public is absolutely thrilled about the new park.

In September 2012, the team built a full scale of the new underground technology in an abandoned warehouse in the Lower East Side, for the “Imagining the Lowline” exhibit.

And it was a packed house, people are fascinated with the idea.

November 28 2014

November 27 2014

November 25 2014

November 24 2014

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November 01 2014

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